Develop By Kingsford Development

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Kingsford Development originated in Hong Kong in 2000 and has since broadened its expertise and reach in real estate to regions including Mainland China, Singapore, and Australia. The organization has an impressive track record of combining technological innovation with efficient delivery across it’s real estate design and management portfolio.

In Singapore, they’ve spearheaded several residential projects prior to The Chuan Park Condominium such as Kingsford Hillview Peak and Kingsford Waterbay, with another project on the horizon, The Hill at One North. Their international footprint includes significant developments in China, with projects like Kingsford Xi Fu Qu and Kingsford Yu Jing Ting showcasing their commitment to creating quality living spaces.

Their latest Singapore venture, The Chuan Park Condo, is strategically priced to attract both residents looking for homes and investors seeking profitable endeavors. This development, another addition to their award-winning portfolio, promises to provide residents with tranquil living spaces combined with panoramic views of the city and coastal lines.

Kingsford’s goal of becoming a prominent name in Singapore’s residential landscape is constructed on the foundational belief in delivering homes that stand synonymous with reliability and superior standards. Current and future owners at The Chuan Park Condo can expect the embodiment of Kingsford’s vision: seamless integration of comfort and lifestyle.